n.paradoxa / international feminist art journal, volume 37, 2016

international feminist art journal

volume 37, Jan 2016 (SOUND?NOISE!VOICE!)

Publisher: KT press, UK

Monika Weiss' Two Laments
Vanessa Gravenor
pp. 83-88

Full list of contents:

'Editorial' pp.4

'Creaking, Growling: feminine noisiness and vocal fry in the music of Joan La Barbara and Runhild Gammelsæter'
by Marie Thompson pp.5-11

'Symphony, Encounter, Memory: An Interview with Gisela Weimann'
by Sarah Frost pp.12-22

'Maia Urstad on her work: Nullmeridianens tilbakekomst/ Return of the zero meridian
Tansy Spinks on Leeds! Leeds! Leeds! and Luz María Sánchez on Vis (un)necessary force.[V. (u)NF_**]'
by Maia Urstad, Tansy Spinks and Luz María Sánchez pp.23-27

'Multimedia collaborations: An interview with Elise Kermani and Evelin Stermitz'
by Sally Deskins pp.28-37

'Artist's Pages: AURALROOTS'
by Jill Scott pp.38-43

'Artist's Pages: Jitterbug : the score'
by Annea Lockwood pp.44-47

'The soundscapes in Vera Frenkel’s itinerary'
by Sylvia Lacerte pp.48-54

'Pamela Z Memory Trace, Ros Bandt Finding MEDEA, Camille Norment 'Lull''
by Pamela Z, Ros Bandt, Camille Norment pp.55-59

'Not Spelling it Out: Mira Schendel’s Humor'
by Suzanne Herrera Li Puma pp.60-71

'Jodi Rose on her Sound Art and the Devil’s Bridge, Kaffe Matthews 'The moving street is an algorithm, Katrinem SchuhzuGehör_path of awareness'
by Jodi Rose, Kaffe Matthews, Katrinen pp.72-77

'GenDyTrouble: Cyber*Feminist Computer Music'
by Annie Goh pp.78-82

'Monika Weiss’ Two Laments'
by Vanessa Gravenor pp.83-88

'A Sound Walk into Susan Hiller’s Monument (1980-81)'
by Irene Noy pp.89-95