WWW.Women / Headbones Gallery, 2008

Publisher: Headbones Gallery (The Drawers)
Toronto, Canada
ISBN: 978-0-9782458-3-2

Aleks Bartosik
Louise Bourgeois
Judy Chicago
Donna Cleary
Diane Feught
Angela Grossmann
Guerrilla Girls
Heide Hatry
Donna Kriekle
Julie Oakes
Allyson Mitchell
Faith Ringgold
Carolee Schneemann
Robin Tewes
Betty Tompkins
Monika Weiss


WWW.Women - Copyright © 2008, Headbones Gallery
This catalog was created for the exhibition “WWW.Women” at Headbones Gallery, The Drawers, Toronto, Canada, February 16 - March 20, 2008
Commentaries by Julie Oakes.Copyright © 2008, Julie Oakes
Commentary for Julie Oakes by Ashley Johnson. Copyright © 2007, Ashley Johnson
Artwork Copyright © *Courtesy Mitchell Algus Gallery, New York
Rich Fog Micro Publishing, printed in Toronto, 2008 - Layout and Design, Richard Fogarty

WWW.Women sponsored in part by Candida Royalle’s Natural Contours
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